Sarah Narciso

Sarah has a strong interest in mentoring teachers and in educational research. She was born in London and has dual nationality and has lived in Portugal for the past 17 years.  After studying for a BA (hons) in Art for the community, she received a Post Graduate Certificate in Primary school Education at the Institute of Education in London. She then went on to pursue her professional career as a Primary school teacher, whole school Art coordinator, Primary and Secondary school Art teacher and teacher trainer for English teachers in the 1º and 2º ciclo. Her previous teaching position as teacher trainer and teaching practice coordinator for English language teachers on the ‘Mestrado em Inglês no 1º Ciclo do Ensino Básico’ at the ‘Institute Superior de Educação e Ciências’ solidified her interest, experience, continued motivation and dedication towards the teaching of English in Portuguese primary schools. Her current position is as a teacher trainer at Casa do Professor and LOOP project coordinator, ‘Scaffolding in teachers’ development’. This role has enabled her to continue gaining further skills in the area of designing online courses and supporting various areas within the LOOP Erasmus plus project. 

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