Manila Colella

Manila Colella is a professor at IPSSEOA “Pietro Piazza” and specializes in teaching German language. She holds a permanent contract at the institution and has extensive experience in the field. Manila has actively participated in various projects, including PON (National Operational Program) and ESF (European Social Fund) initiatives, where she served as an expert teacher.

In addition to her expertise in teaching German, Manila has also taken on the role of an L2 teacher, specifically teaching Italian language to foreigners. This experience has been gained through her involvement in European projects and working within the Risk Area of IPSSEOA “Pietro Piazza.” Manila is also a valued member of the “Europoint” team, responsible for managing and organizing Erasmus Plus and other European projects at the institute. Her diverse roles and involvement in different projects highlight her dedication to language education and her commitment to promoting European initiatives in her field.

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