LTTA in Portugal Empowered Educators and Enhanced Pedagogical Practices

The 4th Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) at Casa do Professor in Braga, Portugal, held from July 3rd to July 5th, 2023, proved to be a resounding success in empowering educators and elevating pedagogical practices.

The event opened with a warm welcome to all participants by Jorge Soares, the President of Casa do Professor, joined by Nilza Jardim, the Coordinator of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation, Marisa Carvalho, the Training Manager of Casa do Professor, and Elisabete Santa, the Projects Manager. Together, they emphasized the importance of continuous professional development and collaborative learning to enrich the education system.

Nilza Jardim kicked off the proceedings with an enlightening presentation on the “Pedagogical Innovation Centre,” which emphasized cooperation and the sharing of best practices among educators. Marisa Carvalho followed with valuable insights into the latest updates from the “Casa do Professor Teacher Training Centre,” focusing on the continuous development of pedagogical skills.

The afternoon session featured an engaging workshop led by Adelina Moura, a distinguished PhD holder and Mobile Learning Professional Development Specialist. Titled “Pedagogical Supervision in the Portuguese Public School Context,” the workshop delved into effective strategies to enhance teaching practices and promote professional growth.

Participants had the opportunity to network and exchange ideas during the coffee break, fostering a sense of community among educators from different institutions. The day concluded with an insightful round table discussion on “Experience in Designing MOOCs: Issues, Challenges, and Learning,” moderated by Elisabete Santa. The participants shared their experiences in developing Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and their potential impact on modern education.

On the second day, the event continued at Casa do Professor with a focus on innovative teaching approaches. Elisabete Santa set the stage for the day, emphasizing the importance of staying current with teaching practices. The morning workshop, “Mentoring Teachers Through Observations: Tips and Strategies,” conducted by Sarah Narciso from Casa do Professor, provided practical advice for effective mentoring, supporting teachers’ professional growth.

Next, Íris Saraiva from the University of Minho delivered a captivating presentation on “UMinho Mentoring Programs – Different Approaches, the Same Purpose.” Attendees gained valuable insights into diverse mentoring approaches and their positive impact on educators’ professional journeys.

The final day took place at Colégio João Paulo II, starting with warm welcomes from Fernando Fidalgo, the Pedagogical Director of Colégio João Paulo II School, Paula Peixoto, the Pedagogical Coordinator for pre-school and primary school, and Mara Helena Dória, the Project Manager of Colégio João Paulo II.

Paula Peixoto’s presentation titled “The Staying Power of Mentoring – Keeping Our Teachers!” underscored the significance of mentoring programs in retaining skilled and motivated teachers, leading to a stable and enriched education system.

The event concluded with a constructive evaluation of the training program and an overview of the partners’ participation in the International Conference, facilitated by Elisabete Santa. This session provided participants with an opportunity to reflect on their experiences and share key takeaways.

The 4th LTTA in Portugal was undoubtedly a transformative event, empowering educators and enhancing pedagogical practices. Through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, educators left the event equipped with valuable insights and innovative approaches to contribute positively to the education system and enrich students’ learning experiences.

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