Louise Lima

Louise Lima is a postdoctoral researcher in Teacher Training and Curriculum Studies at CeiED – Universidade Lusófona; PhD in Educational Sciences, Master in Mathematics Teaching and Licentiate in Mathematics. She teaches in Higher Education and coordinates the Cycle of Teacher Training Actions at Universidade Lusófona. Collaborates with the Universidade do Porto through the (Co)coordination of the Teaching and Pedagogical Innovation Research Group (CIIE/FPCEUP) and the Observatory of Life in Schools. She was a member of the External Assessment Team for Autonomy and Curriculum Flexibility. Its intervention in the scope of the continuous training of teachers stands out, having privileged contact with different schools distributed throughout the Portuguese territory through the work of intervention and consultancy. It is currently part of two major national teacher training projects within the scope of pedagogical assessment and curriculum revision in Mathematics. She is an ambassador for Academi@STEAM Mangualde. The relationship between research and work with schools justifies her latest publications.

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