LOOP’s New eTwinning Group

Are you a teacher educator, a student teacher, or an eTwinner with an interest in mentoring newcomers in the teaching profession? If so, take the opportunity to join the brand new eTwinning Group, Mentoring in Induction Programs.

The Group has been created under this project, cofunded by Erasmus+ Program. Compared with other activities that the induction programs may include such as scheduled meetings, assistance with planning, class evaluation, peer review and team teaching, mentoring activities are the most widely agreed upon (OECD, 2019) and they are considered essential to the practice of teaching and students’ performance. Focusing on supporting and coaching the mentor, mentoring is one of the main stages of induction programs.

Making the most out if the LOOP project’s own resource bank and toolkit, the current Group aims at:

  • fostering European citizenship and developing the teaching profession through shared experiences among the participating countries;
  • promoting online learning community networks and innovative pedagogical practices among teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders;
  • influencing teacher training policies in order to strengthen international and intergenerational cooperation;
  • contributing to the valorisation of the teaching career by offering successive conditions of support, feedback and guidance;
  • ensuring the access to and success rate of different mentoring programs.

    Would you be interested in joining us?

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