LOOP is officially out!

We officially launched LOOP! The innovative international project will be coordinated by Casa do Professor for the next three years.

The European consortium is formed by Colégio João Paulo II – CJPII (Braga), CESIE and I.P.S.S.E.O.A Pietro Piazza (Italy), National and Capodistrian University of Athens and 1st Peiramatiko Gymnasio Athinas (Greece) and by Schulzentrum Carl von Ossietzky (Germany).

We are ready to #loop together!

Launching the LOOP – December, 2020

In this 1st Transnational Meeting, which took place on 4th, 11th and 15th of December of 2020, all partners:

  • Establishing a diagnosis of needs;
  • Getting to know theparticipants, target groups and stakeholders;
  • Defining the Project:
    • problem(s), objectives, actionplan, methodologies, results, communication and dissemination plans, results, feasibility, sustainability; work packages development.
  • Distributing responsibilities and tasks.
  • Planning activities and Schedule;
  • Measuring the specific contribution of each entity to the project.
  • Getting to know other projects.

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