Leonor Torres

Leonor Lima Torres is Associate Professor with Aggregation at the Institute of Education at the Universidade do Minho. She holds a PhD in Educational Sciences, specializing in School Organization and Administration.

She is Director of the Center for Research in Education (CIEd) at the Universidade do Minho and Coordinator of the Master’s in Educational Sciences, specialization in Educational Administration. Research interests have focused on organizational culture, leadership processes, pathways to excellence at school and in the world of work.
She held the positions of Vice-President and President of the Pedagogical Council of the Institute of Education of the University of Minho between 2013 and 2017.

She coordinated the project Between More and Better School: Academic Excellence in Public Schools (PTDC/IVC-PEC/4942/2012), funded by FCT under the Scientific Research and Technological Development Project Contest – Social Sciences and Humanities – 2012.

She has published several works, among which stand out works and scientific articles on cultural approaches in the school context and academic excellence in Portuguese public schools.

More detailed information can be found at Cienciavitae – https://www.cienciavitae.pt/0217-DD0B-AEAD

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