Júlia Rodrigues Fernandes

Julia Rodrigues Fernandes, born April 29, 1967, has a degree in Teaching Portuguese and French, from the Universidade do Minho. She has been mayor of Vila Verde City Council since October 2021, directly assumes the areas of parishes and administration, municipal works and culture.

She was a councilor in the Municipality of Vila Verde, from 2009 to 2021, responsible for the areas of education, culture and science, handicrafts, cultural heritage, cooperation, international relations and support for emigrant and immigrant communities, youth, tourism, housing and the fight against poverty .

Since 2010, she has been the Local Councilor for Equality.

She was president of the Cooperative “Aliança Artesanal” (2009-2021)

She was president of the Commission for the Protection of Children and Youth of Vila Verde (2006-2013)

She was a teacher of Basic and Secondary Education, belonging to the definitive appointment board of the Escola Básica de Ribeira do Neiva. Vice-President of the Executive Board of the Escola Secundária de Vila Verde (2004 – 2009).

She was a member of the Vila Verde Municipal Assembly (1989 – 2009).

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