José Reis Jorge

José Reis-Jorge has two B.A. degrees in Germanic Philology and Anglo-American Studies from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Lisbon. He holds a Master’s degree and a PhD in Education from the University of Bristol, UK.

He is currently Full Professor of Education and President of the Honour Council at ISEC Lisboa/Higher Institute of Education and Sciences. He is also Honorary Doctoral Supervisor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Liverpool, UK.

He started his teaching career as a secondary school and adult education teacher and teacher supervisor. He joined Higher Education in 1998 and has since then taught in initial and in-service pre-school and primary school teachers courses at Bachelor and Master levels, and supervised master´s dissertations and Doctoral theses in teacher education programmes.

He was President of the Board of Directors, Director of the School of Education, President of the Technical-Scientific Council and General Director for Research and Development at ISEC Lisboa. He was Lecturer in Portuguese and Portuguese Culture at the Universities of Bristol and Hull, UK (1990-1918), and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Liverpool / Laureate Online Education partnership (2013-2020).

He has conducted seminars and made presentations at universities and scientific organizations in Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Poland, Spain, and Turkey.

He is a member of the editorial boards of Teaching and Teacher Education (Elsevier) and Teaching in Higher Education (Taylor & Francis). He is an effective member of the Portuguese Society of Educational Sciences and associate member of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI).

He is principal investigator at CEIA/Centre for Studies and Applied Research, ISEC Lisboa, and associate investigator at CETAPS/Centre for English, Translation, and Anglo-Portuguese Studies, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. His research work has focused mainly on the areas of Teacher Training and Professional Development, Supervision and Evaluation of Teaching Work, Pedagogical Supervision in Higher Education, Reflective Practice and Inclusive Education.

Recent publications:

  • Ferreira, M., Reis-Jorge, J., Olcina-Sempere, G., y Fernandes, R. (2023). El aprendizaje socioemocional en la educación primaria: Una investigación sobre las concepciones y las prácticas de los maestros en el aula. Revista Colombiana de Educación, 87, 37-60. DOI:10.17227/rce.num87-12704.
  • Vieira, F., Mourão, S., Andrade, A. I., Cruz, M., Reis-Jorge, J., Leslie, C., Orega, M. I., Pinho, A. S., Silva, E. M. & Simões, A. R. (2022). Primary English teacher education in Portugal: An exploratory study. European Journal of Teacher Education, online.
  • Vieira, F., Mourão, S., Andrade, A. I., Cruz, M., Leslie, C., Orega, M. I., Pinho, A. S., Reis-Jorge, J., Silva, E. M., e Simões, A. R. (2021). Mapeando abordagens da formação inicial de professores de Inglês no 1.º Ciclo do Ensino Básico em Portugal. Coleção Cadernos do LabELing – Série Temas, número 1. Universidade de Aveiro Editora.
  • Antonio, D. D., Reis-Jorge, J. & Regan, J-A. (2021). How context influences the continuing professional development of teacher educators within the ecological environment of the island territories of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Caribbean Journal of Mixed Methods Research (CJMMR), 2(1), 98-122. DOI:10.37234/CJMMR.2021.0201.A04
  • Reis-Jorge, J., Ferreira, M. & Olcina-Sempere, G. (2020). La figura del profesorado-investigador em la reconstrucción de la profesionalidad docente en un mundo en transformación. Revista Educación, 44(1), 489-501. DOI: Revista da Universidade de Costa Rica.

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