Jorge Soares

President of the Board of Directors of the Casa do Professor

Master’s degree in Information Systems from the Universidade do Minho and Master’s degree in Educational Sciences from the Universidade Católica, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computing-Applied Mathematics and is a permanent teacher at the Escola Secundária Alberto Sampaio, having been the coordinator of the Comissão de Avaliação do Projeto Educativo and is a certified trainer by the Conselho Cientifico-Pedagógico da Formação Contínua de Professores.

His professional career included positions such as Pedagogical Director of the Escola Profissional do Infante in Vila Nova de Gaia. In 1995, he assumed the role of General Director, during which time he authored its Educational Project. He has held positions in prominent institutions, such as Vice President of the Associação Nacional das Escolas Profissionais, Director of the Centro de Formação do CEFANESPO, Vice President of the Confederação Nacional de Educação e Formação e vogal da ACIGAIA – Associação Comercial, Industrial e de Serviços de Vila Nova de Gaia.

Additionally, he has been a training expert in transnational projects and has also taken responsibility for various actions in the “Organisation of Adult Education: Focus on Quality, Environment, and Social Responsibility” in Potenza, Italy.

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