João Andrade

João Manuel Esteves Dias de Andrade was born on December 1, 1966, in Mozambique.

He graduated in Management Informatics at the Universidade do Minho, and also has a postgraduate degree in School Administration and in Educational Organizations and Educational Administration.

He has taught since 1990 in public schools and in private and cooperative education, completing his professional training at Grupo de Informática in 2000.

He has held various management and advisory positions since 2005, first at Escola Secundária de Alberto Sampaio and later at the Agrupamento de Escolas Alberto Sampaio, including Director of the Centro Novas Oportunidades, Deputy Director for vocational pathways and Deputy -Chairman of the Provisional Administrative Commission.

He was also a trainer for teachers and other audiences, both in private entities and in various training centers of school associations.

He is currently Director of the Agrupamento de Escolas Alberto Sampaio, a position he has held from July 2014 to the present.

Currently, in addition to the various bodies that he is inherently part of, he is also an elected member of the Council of Schools and President of the Board of the Assembly of the Casa do Professor, in Braga.

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