International Conference LOOP Gathers Hundreds of Educators in Braga to Discuss E-mentoring and the Future of Education

The Casa do Professor successfully hosted the international LOOP conference, with a strong focus on the theme “Teacher learning through e-mentoring – a contribution for the future of Education”.

Carla Sepúlveda, Councillor for Cultural of Braga City Council, Jorge Soares, President of Casa do Professor, and João Andrade, Vice President of the General Assembly of the Casa do Professor.

The event was held on the 6th and 7th of July at the esteemed University Católica in Braga, Portugal, attracting a diverse gathering of hundreds of educators from various corners of the globe, both in-person and via engaging live streaming.

Jorge Soares, President of the Casa do Professor, highlighted the organization’s dedication to enhancing mentoring as a fundamental practice for the professional growth of all teachers, thereby making a meaningful impact on the future of education.

Distinguished representatives from institutions such as the Ministry of Education, the National Agency Erasmus+, the European Schoolnet, Etwinning Portugal, and various universities delivered insightful talks during the conference.

Manuel Fernandes, Representative of the National Agency Erasmus+.

The conference offered a comprehensive exploration of mentoring and educators’ learning, featuring various panel discussions. Among the key focal points were the pivotal role of school principals in teacher induction and professional development.

Round table about LOOP project.

Additionally, the event delved into the importance of online communities and mentoring programs for novice and “mobile” teachers.

E-mentoring’s influence on student learning and outcomes, the integration of artificial intelligence in education, creative thinking as a mentoring strategy, and e-mentoring as an inclusive approach to mental health and well-being were also addressed. Furthermore, attendees discussed e-mentoring’s role in combatting cyberbullying.

To promote inclusivity and accessibility, the conference offered free registration and live online streaming.

This enabled hundreds of participants to attend remotely, making it possible for speakers from distant locations to contribute to the event.

The LOOP conference proved to be a valuable platform for educators to exchange ideas, strategies, and insights into e-mentoring and its transformative impact on the future of education.

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