Ingo Beck

“Coming back to normal school life after the pandemic it is more than ever obvious that teacher trainings are absolutely needed to meet student’s challenges and address their concerns.”                                                                                         
Ingo Beck stands up for a positive and supportive school climate, in which students and teachers get as much freedom as possible to find and realize their own aims. His prominent motto is “Everything will sort out fine”. Regarding school development, he let us know that his vision is to make the teaching profession more attractive by enhancing the work-life balance and further improving the collaboration of colleagues. Moreover, Ingo speaks up for the student interests. From his point of view, it is really important to revise curriculums so that they focus more on 21th century skills, for example, life and career skills as well as critical thinking.
Ingo Beck is the headmaster of the largest upper secondary school in the federal state of Bremen, Germany. The Erasmus+ school has about 750 students and is named after Carl von Ossietzky, a famous German Nobel Peace Price owner who was a journalist and pacifist until he died in 1938. The school has an attractive induction program for new teachers and an exemplary mentor program. Therefore, 20 young teachers start their career here each year and the school has become a partner at the Erasmus+ project LOOP: Scaffolding in Teachers Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs. 
Before Ingo has adopted his leading role, he worked as a teacher for music and German languages for 13 years. Ingo loves to play music with his family and friends and is engaged in his own private music school.

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