Edite Oliveira

PhD in Educational Psychology from ISPA-Instituto Universitário, Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Université Lumière Lyon II, coordinator of the Human Development Office at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, consultant to the Ministry of Education for the areas of Mentoring and Tutoring, invited Assistant Professor in the degree in Psychology at the Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa and in the master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, invited Assistant Professor at Unicamillius – International University – Rome, integrated researcher at CIP and the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), integrated researcher at the Social Sciences Research Center (CIRS) at Unicamillius – International University of Rome, effective member of the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, member of the New Doctoral School Consultant in the development and management of research projects in the areas of Psychology and Education at the Universidade de Aveiro. Her areas of interest and active research in Psychology are education and skills development policies. She is a trainer, since 2011, in these areas at Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She was involved in the creation of the Student Support Offices of different Organic Units of the UNL, having created and developed programs to promote skills in terms of volunteering, mentoring and tutoring. Responsible for the Support Office for Special Educational Needs at UNL. She is the author of 2 scientific books and scientific articles.
She has been practicing private practice since 2008, with experience in applied clinical psychology in the areas of neuroscience, disability, community intervention and educational policies in different social contexts inside and outside the city of Lisbon.

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