Carla Sepúlveda

Portuguese, was born in Braga on March 16, 1971.
Currently Councilwoman in the Municipality of Braga with responsibility for Education as well
and Innovation and Social Cohesion (since September 2021).
Businesswoman and Business Administrator since 2000, in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau.
International Business Consultant, Coach and Trainner in PALOP´s and CPLP countries.
Project Manager which includes the elaboration and development of Professional Training Projects |
Investment Projects | Entrepreneurship | Female Entrepreneurship | Business Plans |
Market studies
Professional Training and Human Resources Manager. It has more than 100,000 hours of
monitoring of professional training namely Training for Female Inclusion | Training
of Trainers (Initial and Continuous) | Training of young people and adults in dual certification courses |
Technical Specialization Courses (CET) | Graduates.
Responsible for developing the training cycle: Survey of Training Needs |
Diagnosis of Training Needs | Training Activities Planning | organization and
Training Development | Final evaluation | Impact Assessment.
Trainer Certified by IEFP | Certified Trainer in Gender Equality | Specialist
in Gender Equality.

Develops Mentoring activities in Entrepreneurship: Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Economia da Universidade do Porto and Universidade de Economia de Coimbra.
Responsible for the development of Social Entrepreneurship Projects in Portugal and Guinea Bissau. Member of several civic movements in Portugal and Guinea-Bissau, notably the Rotary Cub
Braga-Norte, DishMob Portugal and the Rede das Mulheres Operadoras da Económicas da Guinea-Bissau – REMOE-GB, Tabanka Djaz – Nucleus for Sociocultural Development.
Blogger and Communication Professional with weekly feature, live, on Porto Canal, between 2016 and
2020, in the “D’mais” Program under the heading “Make It Happen” – Entrepreneurship and Good HR Practices.
Holder of an International Certification in Coaching by the ICC – International Coaching Community
(2016/2017) and Master in Education in the branch: Training, Work and Human Resources by
Universidade do Minho (2011/2013). She also has a degree in International Relations and Cooperation.
from the Universidade Fernando Pessoa Porto (1990/1995).

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