Carla Pereira

I completed my Initial Training, in 1993, at the Escola Superior de Educação de Castelo Branco, with a degree in Basic Education Teachers – Visual and Technological Education Variant. Since 1997 I have been a teacher, in the 2nd cycle of basic education, of Visual and Technological Education, currently Visual Education, Technological Education and Artistic and Cultural Education (always in the district of Lisbon). Over the years, I have performed many other functions integrated in the management bodies and pedagogical structures of schools (vice president, project coordinator, discipline coordinator, teacher representative on the General Council, Deputy Director, advisor to the Director, among others ).
In 2011/2013 I did a Masters in Artistic Education: Specialization in Visual Arts in Education, at Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa; In 2014 I obtained the Trainer certificate, by the Scientific-Pedagogical Council of Continuing Training and in 2015 I started a PhD in Education, in the area of ​​Teacher Training, theme – Artistic Education, having defended the thesis entitled “The Emergency [and Urgency] of Creativity in Adapting to Contemporary Society: A Path through the Training of Teachers and Students”(completed in January 2020). Over the last few years I have written some scientific articles and participated in some meetings and conferences.
Currently, in addition to my basic education schedule, I work part-time in higher education, where I work as an Invited Assistant Professor at the Escola Superior de Educação de Viseu, in the Master’s course in Teaching Visual and Technological Education in Basic Education.

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