3rd Transnational Meeting prepared the launch of Match the Mentor

The 3rd Transnational Meeting of project LOOP occured in Palermo, Italy, in 4th and 5th of October, and all involved partners were present.

Hosted by IPSSEOA Pietro Piazza, on the first day of the meeting, the partners focused on the following agenda:

  • Project updating in general;
  • LOOP Tookit for mentoring: contributions from all partners:
    • Next Steps of the Piloting Phase of the tool Match the Mentor;
    • Creation of content for the platform;
    • Construction of the mentorcharacterization protocol;
    • Characterization and selection of Mentors;
    • Accordance of partners’activities to the aims of the project;
    • Dissemination activities about Mentoring and Induction Programs in the format of Webinars and Unconferences;
    • CESIE – EU Schoolevent (20thof October);
    • Others partners’ contributions over the next month.
  • LOOP Provider for Better Outcomes:
    • Presentation examples and proposals for development activities in order to:
      • Clarify the role and appoint the competencies of a mentor and a leader;
      • Identify the necessary learning and development pathways;
      • Develop educational approaches to mentoring practices;
      • Create a mentoring program suitable for mentors and other teachers;
      • Identify strategies for implementing mentoring programs;
      • Allocate and implement strategies for evaluating training pathways;
      • Include implementation strategies.
  • Sustainability and Dissemination;
    • Dissemination reports;
    • Conferences and seminars;
    • Sharing ideas on the organisation of multiplier events.

The second day, hosted by CESIE, was dedicated to the more technical aspects of the project, such as monitoring, quality and evaluation of the project, as well as the preparation of the next LTTA.

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