COVID-19 doesn’t stop the enthusiasm at LOOP’s 2nd Transnational Meeting

The physical distance between our partners didn’t diminish the enthusiasm at LOOP’s 2nd Transnational Meeting, on 12th and 13th of July, 2021, which should  have been carried out in Greece but due to the SARS-COVID19 pandemic was held online.

During the Meeting, information was provided on the monitoring and control of the project, as well as the milestones of the activities.

Casa do Professor, project coordinator, started the explanation by outlining what the LOOP Toolkit for Mentoring consists of, as this toolkit is a set of tools that brings together the LOOP Coalitions, Match the Mentor and the Loop provider for better outcomes.

This toolkit will bring together early career and mobile teachers (different career stages).

It refers to the signposting of participants, especially teachers, school leaders and other stakeholders:

  • are at different career stages (beginners/experienced);
  • have degrees in different scientific areas;
  • recognize the value of European projects;
  • are teaching at different educational levels;
  • show motivation for participation;
  • are able to work collaboratively and in a network;
  • are committed to the implementation of the project, namely the experimentation of intellectual products;
  • guarantee their multiplication and dissemination.

Understood as the start-up phase, metaphorically the planting and germination phase of the potential of the whole project, the moment when ideas take shape and grow, with the development of the following activities:

  • Short-term joint teacher training events: formed in the community hub (LOOP coalitions);
  •  Their realization leads to consequent results:

Participants can:

  •  spontaneously and after subscription;
  •  interact, creating strategic links between the various stakeholders;
  •  reinforcing collaborative work, incrementing the degree of motivation and satisfaction of teachers through formal and informal actions, organized and/or led by any of the participants, differently from a conventional conference, in relation to which an agenda is set at the beginning of the meeting; this informal aspect allows the creation of associated learning networks, requiring very significant work on the part of the coordination to manage this dynamics.
  • sustained on an interactive online platform of construction and sharing, will materialise the collective project as a set of tools that will support the relations of peer cooperation, scrutinising a transformation in the processes of teacher training.

This toolkit will be configured in the following innovative way It will contain information gathering questionnaires, experience reports, testimonies, documents and good practices to be included when subscribing to the platform;

  • from the result of the questionnaires:
    • Participants are characterised;
    • Groups (areas) of Leaders, Mentors and Teachers are formed;
    • Users are allocated to the different ├íreas; and
    • Teachers will be assigned the most suitable Mentor (tool Macht the Mentor).

Target groups:

  • School leaders (head teachers and middle management);
  • Local authorities and other stakeholders identified within the partnership;
  • Heads of teacher training organizations;
  • Teachers at different career stages.

The main goal of this Meeting was the balance of all activities carried out so far and the projection of our next steps.

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