Scaffolding in Teachers development: Mentoring and Mentors in induction programs

LOOP Report Improving our understanding of teacher education is now available!

The need to carry out this research stems from the fact that the implementation of the induction and mentoring programmes in schools is very unequal in the different countries that make up the consortium, despite some common factors like the duration or the willingness to implement them by the headmasters.

INTELLECTUAL OUTPUT 1 – LOOP Landscape is a result of the research carried out by the project partners in Italy, Portugal, Greece and Germany. Its main goal is to provide a vision of what are the main problems teachers face these countries, what do teachers expect from mentoring and induction programmes and how we are going to meet their expectations.

Our Goals


  • Increase European citizenship and the development of the teaching profession

  • Promote online community learning networks and innovative pedagogical practices

  • Influence teacher training policy to strengthen international and intergenerational cooperation

  • Contribute to the valorisation of the teaching career by offering support, feedback and guidance

  • Increase the access and success rate of mentoring programs


  • Know and characterise mentoring programs and their implementation partners

  • Contribute to the training of mentors and teachers 

  • Develop feedback and follow-up processes, promoting learning and continuous improvement of mentoring programs

  • Apply and certify the mentoring programs created within LOOP

  • Disseminate the results and products at national and European level


  • Teacher training institutions

  • Continuous teacher training accreditation entities

  • Ministries of Education in over thirty European countries

  • Other relevant stakeholders such as the European Commission, OECD and UNESCO

  • Primary, secondary and higher education establishments

  • Participants in the various activities of the project, such as teachers and school leaders

Beneficiaries within the partnership

  • Organisations in the countries making up the consortium, which include public and private entities;
  • An associated public school, inserted in an Educational Territory of Priority Intervention;
  • Professors of various scientific areas, teaching levels and career stages (beginners/experts); school leaders (directors and middle management).